Portable Desktop VR Crane Simulator

Portable Desktop VR Crane Simulator

Portable Desktop VR Crane Simulator

The Dominator VR Crane Simulator, is a portable simulation system providing the user with Virtual Reality immersement in crane operations. Using Virtual Reality, the system provides hands‐on training in normal and emergency operations, including life‐threatening and accident‐causing conditions, without risk to personnel or equipment. This system is available for Mobile & Overhead Cranes.

Ideal for:

  • Training of New Crane Operators
  • Refreshing of Experienced Operators
  • Record keeping – Documentation of Training
  • Incident/Accident Remedial Training
  • Repetitive Process Training

Portable System Offers:

  • All-In-One Compact Design
    • Retractable Joysticks Controls
    • Portable Desktop Design
    • Heavy-Duty Carrying Case
  • State-Of-The Art Virtual Reality
    • Full Immersive VR Headset Dispaly
    • Head Tracking Technology
    • Integrated Audio Speakers
  • Custom Simulation Software
    • Realistic 3D Renders
    • Multiple Software Modules : Mobile Crane and Overhead Crane
  • Redesigned Underhung Lifting Devices
  • Interactive Machinery/Faults
  • Hyper Realistic Physics
  • Learning Management System
  • Selection of Pre-Made Exercises
  • Remote Diagnostics Access (Internet Access Required)
  • Customizable environments with the ability to add obstacles and components.

Executable Operations:

  • Proper Load Positioning
  • Pendant Operation
  • Radio Remote Operation
  • How to Control Swing
  • Pre-Operational Check of Controls
  • Check Safety Systems
  • Hazard Recognition & Abatement
  • Specific Process Training


The systems come with already built in scenarios with the ability to add multiple obstacles and components to customize the environment. Default scenarios are:

  • Storage Warehouse
  • Steel Warehouse
  • Laydown Yard
  • Bridge Construction
  • Industrial Building Site
  • Power Line Proximity
  • Field Practical Exam Preparation

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