Mobile Crane Inspector

Mobile Crane Inspector

Mobile Crane Inspector

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Mobile Crane Inspector

Course Number: MCI 105 | * 3.0 CEUs

4天* 3.0 CEUS - 聊天或呼叫定价1-800-654-5640
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The effort put forth in properly training inspectors is greatly rewarded. A well-trained, qualified inspector could save your company a great deal of money and time by avoiding unscheduled downtime, costly repairs, accidents and lawsuits. The inspection process is the vital link to the safety and maximum utilization of your cranes.

Our instructional staff provides a hundred years combined experience, offering our students the opportunity to receive documented, formal training on the inspection processes and techniques used by North American Crane Bureau, Inc. field inspection personnel.

We have inspected thousands of different pieces of lift equipment utilizing General Industry, Maritime, and Construction Safety Standards. Our inspection work sheets, developed over the years from the actual field experiences of our inspection staff, will be utilized throughout this program.

You will learn about:
  • The Need for Inspection and Inspection Intervals
  • 如何阅读和应用OSHA和ASME标准
  • Inspector Qualifications
  • Lockout/Tagout/Blockout
  • Load Chart Interpretation & Load Testing
  • 安全操作实践
  • In-Depth Discussion of Tools Used in Inspections
  • Inspection of Various Components of Carriers, Superstructures and Booms as Required by Federal Regulations, Consensus Standards and Manufacturer Requirements
  • Factors Affecting Lifting Capabilities
  • Types of Nondestructive Testing - Advantages and Disadvantages
  • 信息Presented on Inspection Forms

NOTE:Students must provide their own personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, appropriate footwear, etc.


Add-On Options

Option 1-Inspector Kit* Call for pricing 1-800-654-5640.

Multiple tools for inspection include: tape measure; wire rope card; caliper; magnifier; pocket knife and level. All in soft canvas belly pack.

Option 2 - NACB, Inc. Certified Inspector Certification: $495

Frequently Asked Questions:

Mobile Crane Inspector

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